What is gazebox?

GazeBox® is a revolutionary folding cover system that is a patented and trademarked product, 100% designed and 100% made in Italy. It can be used for cars and motorcycles, or to make veranda, patio, pergola, or winter garden! These special panels give you protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, corrosion, extreme temperatures, resin trees, birds, pets, scratches, animals and more!!!. 

GazeBox® doesn't retain the heat and is easy to install. 

Gazebox® is completely customizable. You can choose the colors of the frame, panels, screws, sizes, and side door. You can also wrap logos and marketing around the Gazebox®.


Finally you can order connecting units to increase the overall size of your Gazebox®.

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what are the benefits?

• Available for cars, for motorcycles, to make veranda, patio, pergola, winter garden and many more.

• No special permissions required.

• Special anti UV panels.

• Efficient air flow. Does not retain heat.

• Protects from the sun.

• Protects from Extreme temperatures.

• Snow and wind resistant.

• Hail and Storm resistant.

• Protects from birds and animals.

• Protects from stratches and corrosion.

• Protects from Rust and Dust.

• Exclusive design.

• Durable framework.

• Easy to install, uninstall and moving.

• Excellent value.

• Requires minimal space.

• Further theft protection.

• Makes no water build-ups.

• Removable structure.

• Quick anchorage to the ground.

• Independent fan regulation.

• Automatic Opening with exclusive and certified system.

• Automatic Opening with light and sonar complying with current regulations.

• Zinc plated iron structure and powder coating and painting for a long life.

• Customizable colours, graphics and more.

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Disclaimer: The installation of this product may require permits from your town/village/municipality depending on where you live and the construction regulations they have in place. Furthermore, as a local seller and installer of this product our language about Gazebox may differ from the worldwide corporate office and website. Please contact us with any questions you may have about this product and it's installation.


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